Why choose Powder Room Interactive Media?

Get on-board!

Reach of two million customers per week through our digital out-of-home innovation.

Powder Room Interactive world-first “touchscreen portal” that allows consumers to “chat” with brands, and buy or sample their products exactly when and where they want them.

Our national airport packages put you in front of up to 110 million airport visitors p.a, with dominance in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth, our displays and retail kiosks are impossible to miss.

Having successfully proven our model in Airports, Powder Room Interactive Media is expanding into Westfield & Vicinity Shopping Centre Parents Rooms, from August 2017.

“We know brands want to establish a closer, more targeted connection with consumers in the out-of-home environment and similarly consumers aren’t as receptive when they don’t seek out the interaction, so our interactive digital portals create the perfect storm for these two opportunities to converge,” Michelle Davis

Key benefits

Guaranteed Category Exclusivity
Premium positioning with high dwell sites
(Airports 2.5 – 3.5 minutes / Parents Room 10 – 25 minutes)
High Impact / 94% recall
Full broadcast opportunity – with stereo sound (ability to play TVC etc.)
Time Specific and targeted – campaigns can be tailored to time of day and key demographic
WIFI enabled, ensuring real time sales and interaction reporting.
Sampling Opportunities
Non Grocery Retail opportunity
Instantaneous posting of new content, meaning promotion and pricing can be changed at any time.
Creative flexibility, meaning Savvy advertisers are now able to show specific creative depending on the time of day, real time events and offers.