Powder Room Interactive Media Key Features

PRI Media provide interactive experiences, that create perfect moments between brands and their customers.

We bring them together, in exactly the right time, place, moment facilitating a real connection.

We’ve done this by transforming your traditional vending machine, into an innovative “interactive marketing portal”, where consumers can interact & “chat” with brands, as well as buy and sample products.

All of our formats include fully customizable HD LCD interactive touchscreens with app-style software that have the ability to run TVCs with audio, display point of sale and product content as well as allow simple “tap and go” credit card or cash transactions, a customer-focused application for today’s cashless society.

Two distinct touch points

Currently PRI media has 2 formats available across our Australian Airport and Shopping Centre  ‘parent room’ Network

Digital Retail

Fully customisable user interface

32”, 40”, 50” interactive HD LCD screen with stereo sound* 

Interactive banner advertising 

Product sampling 

Data capture / e-voucher / social media 

Interaction analytics

22” Interactive LCD
‘Digital Posters’

A 22” interactive digital display above hand-dryers

Interactive advertising

Ability schedule content to time of day, location, support in-store sales

Data capture / e-voucher / social media integration

Interaction analytics

Sponsorship Opportunities

Key features include:

Guaranteed Category Exclusivity, with exposure to 10 million people every 4 weeks

Maximum Impact and frequency due to national airport coverage

Full broadcast opportunity – with stereo sound (ability to play TVC and other digital content, etc.)

Sampling AND traditional retail

Obtain sales and interaction data to gain greater marketing insights

Capture customer information enabling future communication

Platform that will support integration of other social, digital and retail promotions.

Premium positioning in high dwell sites

Embedded content (weather, sport, news, etc) to increase dwell time & sponsorship opportunities (only on LCD displays)